One Report Can Literally Save You $1000’s In Repairs In One Year Alone.

Like it or not, in inground pool needs regular inspections to find problems BEFORE they occur and require a large investment to fix.  That’s why Pool Care Specialists is the local DFW expert ready to schedule and accurately survey the shape of your pool.  From equipment to electrical, concrete to coping, we will provide a fully detailed report ( with photos ) of your pool.  A pool inspection is an absolute necessity if you are buying a new home OR you have not had an inspection in over 3 years.

  • Inspect & Photograph Pump

  • Inspect & Photograph Filter

  • Inspect & Photograph Plumbing

  • Inspect & Photograph Electrical

  • Inspect & Photograph Plumbing

  • Inspect & Photograph Grounding

  • Inspect & Photograph Pool Steps

  • Inspect & Photograph Ladders & Boards

  • Inspect & Photograph Water Features

  • Inspect & Photograph Skimmers

  • Inspect & Photograph Pool Finish

  • Find & Outline Any Finish Flaws

  • Check All Pipes For Leaks

  • Inspect & Photograph Coping / Tile

  • Inspect & Photograph Pool Decking

Above are just a few of our fully detailed report items, performed by a Certified Pool Inspector.  Rest assured that every aspect of your pool will be thoroughly reviewed, tested, assessed and documented so you can make a wise decision on repairs and overall condition.   

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