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Pool Care Specialists is the preferred premier swimming pool service, maintenance, repair and remodel company for hundreds of satisfied customers in Southlake, Texas and the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area. With over 20+ combined years of professional experience, we know the importance of a properly maintained swimming pool and the most important pool is YOURS.


We realize not everyone’s situation is identical so we don’t follow the typical cookie-cutter one size fits all mentality. Rather, we discuss your particular situation and craft a solution specific to your pool needs. We tailor our services to your wants and needs to ensure you and your family have the best solution from the best company at a competitive price. Make Pool Care Specialists your choice for your pool needs and wants. We believe it is the only choice you will need to make.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Chemicals are included with all our services for your convenience.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Cleaning

Extend the life of your filter and related pool equipment with regular filter cleans.

Equipment Installation & Repair

Equipment Installation & Repair

“Licensed Pool Professionals”
With over 20 years of industry experience.

Certified Pool Inspections

Certified Pool Inspections

We are NPSF certified (CPI), trained and lots of experience to do a thorough inspection! Let us inspect before you buy!

Pool Remodels & Renovations

Pool Remodels & Renovations

We can help you spruce it up with new plaster, tile, coping, and decking options.

Commercial Pool Services

Commercial Pool Services

We are staffed and available 24/7 for all your big needs and wants.

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To provide reliable, quality pool maintenance, services and warranty work at fair prices, with completely satisfactory results that we have, and will always stand behind. 

Our success is anything but a secret- Employ the best, deliver on our promises, respond to customer’s needs, and eliminate the need for our customers to choose price over reliability. We welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.

Our Mission

Weekly Pool Service | Southlake, TX

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Satisfaction Guaranteed for Southlake, TX Pool Cleaning ServicesWe strive for your complete satisfaction. We stand 100% behind our service and repairs.

If you are not completely satisfied with our pool service, simply call or email us with your concerns and one of our managers will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

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Five Reasons To Work With A Pool Cleaning Service in Southlake

There are all kinds of benefits to owning a pool. When the temperatures are high, you can beat the heat by taking a dip. It’s a place for you and your family members to exercise. You even have the option of hosting pool parties. Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy these kinds of perks if you don’t keep your pool clean. More importantly, this is something that you’ll need to do consistently. You can’t just skim your pool from time to time or keep an eye on the chemical balance. If you don’t give your pool the upkeep that it needs, it could become a hazard. If you can’t keep up with pool maintenance on your own, you’ll want to reach out to pool cleaning professionals that can handle this work for you. These are five great reasons to hire a pool cleaning service.

1. When You Work With Professionals, You’ll Have More Choices

When you work with experts, they’ll know what to pay attention to when cleaning your pool. They’ll know where they should get started when they arrive, and they’ll know where to stop. With that said, the amount of work that they do comes down to what you want. You’ll be able to select the parts of the pool you want them to focus on. You can also specify how frequently you want them to perform these services. Whether you have cleaners treat your pool once each month or opt for weekly service, you’ll be able to decide on what you want. No matter what you decide on, you can make sure that your pool is always in great shape.

2. Your Pool Will Receive Regular Maintenance

It’s much easier to maintain the quality of the water in your pool if it receives upkeep consistently. Of course, as we said before, you need to do more than take care of the surface of your pool. When you work with professionals, you can trust them to handle all the basics, such as:

  • Cleaning the fabric of your automatic pool cover
  • Cleaning the tile line and the walls of your pool
  • Ensure that both the skimmer baskets and the pump are clean
  • Make sure that there are no issues with the chemical balance of your water
  • Vacuuming
  • Using a skimmer to remove debris from the surface of the pool
  • Check the backwash function and the filter pressure as needed

3. Maintain Your Pool Equipment And Make Sure It Runs Perfectly

The majority of pool owners have a limited amount of knowledge when it comes to pool upkeep. That’s perfectly fine! You’re not a pool cleaning professional, and your pool is there to reduce your stress levels. That’s why you should strongly consider working with an excellent pool cleaning service. The professionals you work with will know what needs to be done. They’ll be able to examine filters, check pumps, and help you to avoid potential problems. When you work with professionals, they’ll also be able to spot minor problems that could turn into bigger problems down the line. As an example, if they happen to spot a rip, they’ll be able to fix it now while it’s still small.

4. Proper Chemical Balance Is Crucial

It’s very easy to notice when the chemical levels in your pool aren’t balanced properly. When you don’t have the right balance of chemicals, you’ll run into all kinds of issues. For example, you might see algae and bacteria growing in your home. These things can be hazardous. Of course, using too many chemicals can also cause a lot of problems. It can irritate your skin and wreak havoc on your pool equipment. Finding the right balance isn’t easy, but that’s what professional pool cleaners are here for! The service you work with will be able to ensure that the ph-levels in your home are absolutely perfect.

5. Save Yourself Time And Money

How much time are you spending on pool maintenance right now? When you outsource this work to professionals, you’ll be able to free up this time for yourself! You’ll be able to focus on the tasks you really enjoy! You’ll also be able to save yourself from stress and make sure that your pool is a source of enjoyment. It could even save you money if you’re constantly buying chemicals and products to fix problems with your pool. Make your life better by working with a pool service in Southlake.

Your pool can be in perfect condition constantly, and it can happen without any effort from you. Pool Care Specialists has the knowledge and experience to maintain your pool for you. We have all the tools needed for pool upkeep!

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