DFW Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning Services

Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning


Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning ServicesIn addition to regular backwashing of your DE or sand pool filter, periodic filter cleaning is essential to the effectiveness and performance of your pool filter. For most pools, the filter will require a thorough cleaning 2 to 3 times per year depending on how various factors to include pool size, filter size, nearby landscaping, frequency of algae outbreaks and more. Filter cleaning can be time consuming and messy so we offer the following filter cleaning services:

DE Filter Cleaning Service – Starting at $120.00 Before and After Photos
*Complete dismantling
*Thorough cleaning and inspection of the grids
*Inspecting and lubricating o-ring before reassembling
*Recharge DE filter

Pool Filter CleaningNotice the before and after photos. Even after a complete backwash, the filter is still dirty preventing the filter from cleaning the pool water efficiently. Only dismantling and cleaning the grids will get this filter back to normal operation. After we cleaned the filter grids, you can see the difference. This service should be performed at least once a year or as needed.

Cartridge Filter Cleaning Service – Starting $120.00 Recommend every Quarter.
*Complete dismantling
*Thorough cleaning and inspection of the cartridges
*Inspecting and lubricating o-ring before reassembling

Sand Filter Cleaning Service – $450.00 Labor and cost of sand needed
*Complete dismantling
*Removal of old sand
*Thorough cleaning and inspection parts
*Adding new sand