One Time Pool Cleaning Service in Flower Mound

One Time Pool Cleaning Service in Flower Mound

Pools sometimes need more than just routine maintenance – they need a deep cleanup to return to their former beauty. Some of our clients only require a one-time cleanup to help bring their swimming pool back into shape. Pools can be serviced within 2 – 3 hours, but sometimes multiple visits are required. Our technicians can typically complete this service within one to three visits within one week; however, a green or unused pool will require a Drain and Clean service.

One Time Pool Cleaning Service includes:

  • Vacuum Swimming Pool: We carefully vacuum your pool to ensure a thorough and efficient cleanup. Vacuuming your pool helps to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can cause algae growth and water imbalance. It also helps to reduce the need for chemicals, as the vacuum helps to dissolve any contaminants that may be present in the water.
  • Skim Pool Surface: During pool maintenance, we skim leaves and other floating debris from the surface, leading to a cleaner pool.
  • Checking the Pool Equipment: We check the filters, pumps, and motors to make sure they are clean and functioning correctly. We also look for any cracks or leaks in the pipes and equipment that could be causing water to leak out of the pool and potentially cause damage.
  • Pool Water Level Adjustment: A water level adjustment is made if necessary to ensure proper performance.
  • Backwash Filter: We wash the filter as scheduled, keeping it efficient.
  • Chemical Adjustment: All necessary chemicals are added to the water to create a safe and enjoyable swimming environment.
  • Final Pool Inspection: If necessary, we re-skim the surface to ensure perfection.

Price Varies

Note: We need to evaluate the site before we can give you a definite price. When doing a one-time cleaning like yours, this is a crucial step. We may inspect your swimming pool in person to determine its condition. By doing this, we make sure that we comprehend the whole extent of the necessary task.

We would want to set up a time and day that works for you for this assessment. Our staff will come to your home to evaluate the pool and go over any particular needs or worries you may have. This procedure enables us to deliver you a reasonable and accurate price that is customized to your pool’s specific requirements.

Pool Drain & Cleaning Service in Flower Mound

Certain pools can become so dirty that they need to be drained and cleaned. How can you determine if you need to drain your pool? Here are a few signs you’ll need to know.

Firstly, if you cannot see the bottom of the pool (on the deep end), you may need a drain and clean service.

Secondly, if the algae is on the walls and can’t be easily brushed off with hand, then you’ll need a drain and clean service. An acid wash service may be needed for stubborn stains after the drain and clean service have been completed. It is normal for some imperfections and minor blemishes in clean plaster, but the client was satisfied and chose not to use acid. The Drain and Clean service typically takes three days and includes:

1st Day – 

  • Drain the pool or attached spa.

2nd Day – 

  • Empty the pool skimmers, pump basket, and pool cleaner bag
  • Pressure wash the walls and floors
  • Use a chlorine wash to remove most wall stains
  • Rinse the walls
  • Clean the pool cleaner (such as Polaris)

3rd Day  –

  • Add the required chemicals to the freshwater (included).
  • Vacuum Pool (if necessary).

Starting at $400.00

Pool Acid Wash Service in Flower Mound

It may be necessary to use acid to remove some stubborn pool stains. The best time to determine if acid is required is once the standard Drain and Clean Services have been completed. In many cases, our clients are so satisfied with the results of our standard Drain and Clean service that they skip the extra cost of acid wash. Once the standard Drain and Clean service is complete, we will test any remaining stubborn stains to determine if acid will remove them. In most cases, the acid will have enough power to remove the most stubborn stains. The Acid Wash service is usually done over the course of 3 days and includes:

On Day 1– 

  • Drain the pool/spa

Day 2 – 

  • Empty the skimmers, pump basket, and pool cleaner bag
  • Pressure wash the walls and floors
  • Use a chlorine wash to remove most wall stains
  • Rinse the walls
  • Wash and brush the walls with acid
  • Rinse the walls, neutralize and drain the acid
  • Clean the pool cleaner (e.g. Polaris)

Day 3 – 

  • Add appropriate chemicals to the freshwater (included).
  • Vacuum Pool (if necessary).

Starting at $650.00

What makes Pool Care Specialists a good choice for One time cleaning?

We have been in business for over 20 years with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. With a large team of experienced technicians, we can provide reliable One-time pool cleaning service. We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction, and our team has the expertise to handle any job quickly and efficiently. Our employees are thoroughly trained and have access to the latest technology and resources to ensure the job is done right the first time. So Why are you waiting? Call us today to get the best pool service in Flower Mound.