DFW Pool Care Services

Swimming Pool Equipment Installation

Pool Care Specialists Offers Everything to Handle Our Customers’ Needs with Pool Services, Repairs, Installation and Restoration.

Pool/Spa Cleaning Pool Services

Swimming pools and spas throughout Dallas – Fort Worth need to be cleaned weekly. Regular pool cleaning offered by Pool Care Specialists ensures an enjoyable experience. Whether swimming laps or having a party, the pool will always be safe and clean to use. On a weekly basis, our professional service technician will clean the pool/spa, balance the water and check the equipment. We also offer our weekly customers pool filter cleaning. Both D.E. filters and cartridge filters on the pool or hot tub should be cleaned on a regular basis. If there is ever a problem with the filter or any other piece of equipment we repair equipment as well.

Filter Cleaning Services

Our services for the weekly care of Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex are centered on cleaning, water chemistry and equipment maintenance. We will make sure your swimming pool/spa is safe and ready to use at all times. Preventative maintenance for swimming pools and spas helps reduce damage and costly repairs to all the pool equipment. Filters are essentially the backbone of pools or spas. Regardless of the size, shape, or builder, all have a filtration system. For the pool system to run smoothly and the water to remain clean, the filter must be kept in good working order. This requires regular pool filter cleaning in conjunction with a weekly pool maintenance program. Pool Care Specialists offers Dallas – Fort Worth expert pool filter cleaning along with our many other pool services.

Pool Drain, Restart And Cleans

Some chemicals build up over time in a swimming pool or spa. Although these chemicals can be removed from the water, sometimes it is best to drain the water. Fresh water can then be added to the pool/spa. Every year or so a portion of the swimming pool should be replenished with fresh water. Filter cleaning can also be performed at this time. Our drain and restart spa and pool services help keep your pool clean and safe.

Pool Equipment Repair And Installation

When your swimming pool equipment has failed to work properly we can troubleshoot the equipment. We work on the major brands of pool equipment. Whether a leaking pool filter or a heater no longer heating, we can handle the repair. On the occasion when replacing the equipment is the better option we can install new equipment. Sometimes upgrading to automation makes the most sense as well. If a single pump needs to be replaced or adding energy efficiency is the goal Pool Care Specialists is happy to give multiple options. Our expertise with both equipment repairs and plumbing repairs allows us to give pool owners excellent service.

Home Pool Inspections and Orientation Pool Services

For pool and spa owners in Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex we offer a home pool inspection. This is one of the most cost effective pool services for home buyers and sellers. Both parties should know the condition of the swimming pool when negotiating a price. A verbal pool inspection is also a great service for new homeowners who wish to understand their pool and the equipment. If a pool owner wishes to service their own pool, we can help. Our pool/spa orientations are a great tool for DIY pool owners. From basic water chemistry to filter cleans, we will explain and teach how to take care of their own pool/spa. Pool Care Specialists can help you take care of your pool. We do not offer training with equipment installation or repairs.