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Weekly Pool Cleaning Services | Flower Mound
Professional Pool Services in Grapevine, Texas2024-03-06T01:40:18-06:00

Professional Pool Services in Grapevine, Texas

Serving the Grapevine, TX area with over 20 years of extensive experience with a wide variety of swimming pools and spas.

We have on staff Certified Pool/Spa Operators & Pool/Spa Inspectors.

Pool Care Specialists is the preferred premier swimming pool service, maintenance, repair and remodel company for hundreds of satisfied customers in Grapevine, Texas and the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area. With over 20+ combined years of professional experience, we know the importance of a properly maintained swimming pool and the most important pool is YOURS.


We realize not everyone’s situation is identical so we don’t follow the typical cookie-cutter one size fits all mentality. Rather, we discuss your particular situation and craft a solution specific to your pool needs. We tailor our services to your wants and needs to ensure you and your family have the best solution from the best company at a competitive price. Make Pool Care Specialists your choice for your pool needs and wants. We believe it is the only choice you will need to make.

Pool Heater Upgrades texas

Our Mission

To provide reliable, quality pool maintenance, services and warranty work at fair prices, with completely satisfactory results that we have, and will always stand behind. 

Our success is anything but a secret- Employ the best, deliver on our promises, respond to customer’s needs, and eliminate the need for our customers to choose price over reliability. We welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.

Weekly Pool Service | Grapevine, TX

Our Service Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed for Grapevine, TX Pool Cleaning Services We strive for your complete satisfaction. We stand 100% behind our service and repairs.

If you are not completely satisfied with our pool service, simply call or email us with your concerns and one of our managers will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

How may we be of service to you?


Based on 149 reviews
Matthew Holub
Matthew Holub
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Doug is very knowledgeable, professional, and straightforward with the work he is quoting and completing. He was here when he said he would be and the completed work was top notch.
Troy Standefer
Troy Standefer
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They were able to repair my pool equipment after a big freeze. Doug is very professional, I recommend calling him when you need service.
Teresa Davidson
Teresa Davidson
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Highly recommend these guys. They have done multiple jobs for us and have made improvements that should have been done with original pool installation. They are dependable, fair and honest. A great quality to see in a company these days.
Steve Vajda
Steve Vajda
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Doug at Pool Care Specialists took great care of all my needs. He quickly diagnosed and fixed the cause of a leak in my pool heater. Additionally I had a leak in my raised spa wall which required some masonry work to fix along with some loose flagstones. They also removed/reapplied new mastic around the pool. All the work was professionally done. They would not accept my final payment until I was completely satisfied with all the work. I will definitely be using Pool Care Specialists for my future needs!
Luis Murillo
Luis Murillo
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Quick response and was able to schedule pool cleaning services in the same week. The pool looked exceptional. Overall excellent service and would highly recommend them.
Thomas Lekawski
Thomas Lekawski
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Pool Care Specialist staff member was extremely knowledgeable about what it would take to get my pool system back up and running correctly, and was able to fix everything quickly and efficiently. Friendly and personable with the experience needed to diagnose the problem and repair the system the right way. I will call Pool Care Specialists when I may need service again.
Nina C
Nina C
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I just changed a new filter, and Doug did excellent job!
Raouf Haddad
Raouf Haddad
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Thanks for great and timely service.


Orenda Orenda Orenda

Pool Cleaning Services in Grapevine Offer You Much More Than Just Convenience

Hiring professional pool services in Grapevine, TX will ensure that you have an amazing time. Although having a pool might bring you joy and relaxation, maintaining it is not easy. Pool Care Specialist, offers top-notch pool services with the goal of making pool ownership a pleasure rather than a burden. In addition to our extensive list of services, we dedicate ourselves to meeting the specific requirements of each pool owner with innovative, high-quality solutions.

Pool services we offer in Grapevine

Weekly Pool Service in Grapevine, Texas

The comprehensive weekly service package that we offer in Grapevine, Texas, allows you to enjoy worry-free pool care that is provided. We guarantee that your pools in Grapevine, Texas, are handled with the utmost care throughout the year thanks to our committed team of professionals. In order to maintain the clarity of your pool water, we take care of every aspect of pool maintenance, including skimming the surface, vacuuming, chemical balancing, and equipment inspections. Relax and take pleasure in your immaculate pool while we take care of the remainder of the pool maintenance.

Pool Filter Cleaning Service:

Pool filter cleaning service in Grapevine

A properly functioning filtration system is critical to maintaining clean pool water. Our filter cleaning service in Grapevine includes removing any debris, contaminants, or silt that may be reducing your filter’s efficiency. The condition of your pool’s water can be maintained to a high standard by enhancing the filtration system.

One-Time Pool Cleaning:

A different approach to cleaning should be taken for pools that haven’t seen use for some time or were reserved for special occasions. The ideal option for your pool in Grapevine, is our One-Time Pool Cleaning service. To bring your pool back to its former beauty, our certified technicians will clean it thoroughly, removing all debris, algae, and water imbalances that have accumulated over the years.

Pool Equipment installation and upgrade service:

Pool Equipment Repair Grapevine

Our Pool Equipment Installation service will make sure you’re always on the cutting edge of pool technology. Whether you need a new pump, filter, or control system, our experts are always up to date on the newest cutting-edge technologies. There will be no problems with the installation, which will make your pool more useful and easy to use.

Pool Equipment Repair :

The equipment that handles your pool might not work right, which could make it harder to use. The Pool Equipment Repair service we provide is meant to quickly find and fix any issues that may come up. No matter if it’s a pump that won’t work right or a problem with the automation, our trained specialists will make sure that your pool equipment works perfectly.

Pool Inspection Service:

Pool Inspection Service for Grapevine

To avoid problems in the future, prioritize services that are preventative in nature. To help you save time and money, we offer a comprehensive pool inspection service in Grapevine that finds problems quickly and identifies them. You can keep your pool in perfect shape by fixing small problems before they become major ones. You can rely on us to take a proactive approach to managing every detail, ensuring that your pool remains functioning and lasts a long time. If you want a pool that will last for years to come, our inspection service is the way to go.

Pool Renovation Service:

one time pool cleaning service in Grapevine

If you’re looking for a Pool Renovation Service in Grapevine, Texas, we’re here to help transform your swimming pool into a breathtaking oasis. Our team is dedicated to revitalizing your pool according to your changing preferences. Whether you’re looking to enhance its visual appeal, add exciting new features, or improve its energy efficiency, we’ve got you covered. Relax and enjoy your newly renovated swimming pool, customized to your specific needs.

Why should you hire Pool Care Specialists for your Pool in Grapevine, TX ?

We at Pool Care Specialists put a lot of effort into making sure our customers are happy with the services we provide. Going above and beyond is what we do to make sure that our customers are completely happy with the results.

Having a pool should make you happy, not stressed out. Pool Care Specialists in Grapevine can help you get the most out of your pool time by providing professional pool services. We are your trusted partner in keeping your pool in great shape and making it fun to use. We do everything from regular maintenance to installing new equipment and upgrades.

If professionals regularly come around to maintain your pool and equipment, you can use both for much longer. At the same time, they let you spend more quality time doing something that you truly love. Since as liberating as it may feel to maintain the pool yourself, it can be quite frustrating once things start breaking. Or when you no longer enjoy swimming because of burning lips and eyes. So, spend your money wisely and open up time in your schedule.

It is possible to have the perfect pool always and it doesn’t require any effort from you. All that you require is the experience that only a professional pool cleaning service can provide. Professional pool cleaning services have access to the proper tools, methods, and produce the best results.

Choose Pool Care Specialists for your swimming pool in Grapevine and start your journey right away to being a worry-free pool owner! Give us a call right now to get your pool sparkling and fit.

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Office Hours:  Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm

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Pool Care Specialists proudly provides swimming pool cleaning, pool equipment installation and repair, pool inspections and related pool services throughout Grapevine, Texas and surrounding areas including within the 76051 and 76099 zip codes.

Need High Quality Cleaning & Maintenance Services?

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Why do you need to hire a Professional Pool Service Company?2024-02-28T11:20:28-06:00

 Why do you need to hire a Professional Pool Service Company?

If you hire a Professional pool service company, you’re hiring someone who knows water chemistry inside and out. To keep your pool humming and equipment pristine, they offer a range of tailored service plans. These experts serve as your pool gurus, guiding you through upgrades and renovations. It’s not just about water – it’s a worry-free, joy-filled investment in your aquatic haven. With our expertise, you’ll enjoy stress-free services featuring pool wellness and personalized care. Read more

How do I choose the best pool service company in Flower Mound?2024-02-28T11:22:27-06:00

How do I choose the best pool service company in Flower Mound?

Choose a Pool Service in Flower Mound that has good reviews, lots of experience, and services that match your pool’s needs. Find out what other customers have to say about the company and how long it has been in business. Choose a pool service that is right for you and fits your pool perfectly. Invest in a company people trust for top-notch pool care in Flower Mound.

Which company is best for pool service in Flower mound?2024-02-28T11:23:17-06:00

Which company is best for pool service in Flower mound?

Pool Care Specialists” is the best pool service company in Flower Mound. We’ve earned our reputation as the most trusted pool service company in Flower MoundOver 150+ 5-star reviews and 20 years of experience make us the pool care experts you can trust. Take advantage of the brand you can trust—Pool Care Specialists.

Why Pool Care Specialists is best for your Pool Cleaning and repair ?2024-02-28T11:27:04-06:00

Why Pool Care Specialists is best for your Pool Cleaning and repair ?

We’re Pool Care Specialists for a reason! With 150+ 5-star reviews and two decades of experience, we are Flower Mound’s best pool serviceWeekly pool service, equipment repairs/installations, and stunning renovations are some of the services we provide with personalized care. Trust Pool Care Specialists for sparkling pools. Dive into the best—where your pool’s vitality is our expertise!

How much is monthly pool service in Texas?2024-02-28T11:28:17-06:00

How much is monthly pool service in Texas?

Monthly pool service costs in Texas vary based on factors such as the size of the pool, the services included, and the pool service provider. A Texas pool service can cost between $200 and $250 per month on average. A local Texas pool service company can offer customized quotes based on your pool’s specific needs and your location.

Do you provide pool renovation or remodeling projects?2024-02-28T11:29:19-06:00

Do you provide pool renovation or remodeling projects?

We offer expert pool remodeling services. As top-tier pool remodeling contractors, we specialize in turning visions into reality. Our pool remodel projects bring a fresh perspective to your space. Trust one of the leading pool remodeling companies to transform your inground pool. Bring your aquatic haven to life with our seamless pool remodeling expertise. Dive into a renewed swimming pool experience with our dedicated team

What is included in the Weekly Pool maintenance service?2024-02-28T11:30:10-06:00

What is included in the Weekly Pool maintenance service?

With our affordable weekly pool cleaning service in Flower Mound, you can enjoy stress-free pool maintenance. Our skilled team diligently follows a comprehensive weekly pool maintenance checklist, covering essential tasks such as skimming and removing debris, brushing pool surfaces, vacuuming, checking and cleaning skimmer baskets, inspecting pool equipment, balancing water chemistry, and ensuring proper water circulation. Make sure your swimming pool is always in perfect condition with our worry-free weekly pool maintenance.

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