When It’s Time For New Pool Plaster, Why Not Go With The Local Pros at Pool Care Specialists.

If you have an existing pool with cracking, old or worn plaster, NOW is the time to invest in a pool upgrade that will enhance the look and enjoyment of your pool for years to come.  Call the local pool plaster and pool remodeling experts at Pool Care Specialists and let’s discuss a brand new look for your pool.

Let’s Help You Understand Pool Plaster & Finishes

Not All Pool Plaster Is Created Equal… Nor are the companies that install it.  

Choosing the right pool plaster requires an understanding of several factors that can drastically affect the end product.  First and foremost, you need to know what color that you would like your new pool to be?  For water that looks primarily blue, select a finish with white, blue or gray pigment. For water that appears green, look for green, tan, brown or black pigment. The darker your finish, the darker your pool water will be. Water will seem lighter in shallower areas like steps, ledges, benches, and beach entries where the finish itself is more visible.

Second, you should know that there are several types of plaster.  There are 3 main pool finishes that we offer here at Pool Care Specialists and each has unique attributes that you should consider before making any decision.

Marble plaster is by far the most common type of pool plaster used today. White marble plaster is a blend of cement and crushed white marble. Crushed marble is often called marble aggregate. White marble plaster is the least expensive plaster to redo your pool. It is often white in color, but can sometimes be dyed blue to enhance the color of the water. You can expect white marble plaster to last 9 to 12 years, and its smooth surface makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The downside to this plaster is that it’s the plainest to look at of all the types. It’s also not quite as durable as some of the others. Since it’s so common, many people may opt for a more modern look provided by the other types. There are no patterns or designs in this type of plaster, and as we said, it only comes in white or blue.

If you prefer something more durable and more visually appealing than marble plaster, you can consider quartz plaster or Diamond Brite plaster.  While it is similar to white marble plaster, it incorporates crushed quartz instead of marble. The quartz provides a harder, more durable finish that can withstand extreme weather and harsh chemicals much better than marble. Quartz also gives the plaster a sparkly appearance, which is where it gets its name. It’s still somewhat plain to look at and doesn’t have any patterns or designs, but this type of plaster is available in 17 different colors to give you some variety. The colors are UV resistant and will not fade over time. This type of plaster also provides a smooth surface that’s easy to clean and maintain.  You can expect about a 15 year lifespan from properly installed quartz plaster.

The most opulent and eye appealing pool finish is surely pebble aggregate plaster.  Aggregate plaster is a type of plaster that uses large pieces of smooth stones or crushed rock in the cement. Pebble aggregate creates a very rough surface, and in some cases, it can feel like you’re walking in a river or lake depending on the size and placement of the aggregate. This type of plaster can give your pool a very modern look and produces spectacular colors. You can create many patterns, designs, and textures to customize your pool to have stunning appeal.  The pebbles and stones also create an extremely durable surface that can last longer than any other type of plaster on this list and can last up to twenty years, even in climates that experience harsh weather.