Get Affordable Pool Renovation Service in Flower Mound

pool renovation service

Do you need a refreshing makeover for your pool? Here’s what you need!

Pool Care Specialists offers affordable and high-quality pool renovation service in Flower Mound. We aim to transform your pool into a stunning oasis that meets your unique requirements and reflects your style.

Why Choose Our Pool Renovation Service?

Customized solutions:

Every pool is different, so we customize our renovation service to fit your needs. You can count on our team to bring your vision to life, whether a modern upgrade, a classic revamp, or a complete transformation.

Budget-Friendly Renovation Service:

A beautiful pool shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our affordable renovation service deliver excellence without breaking the bank. You are only a few steps away from your dream pool!

Knowledge of Flower Mound:

As locals, we are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of Flower Mound. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and styles that are ideally suited to the aesthetics of our beautiful community. Our team knows which colors, materials, and finishes work best with the architecture, terrain, and climate of Flower Mound, ensuring that your pool looks stunning and lasts for years to come.

We offer a comprehensive range of pool renovation service

Tile and Coping Repair: Pool Renovation Services

Make sure your pool’s tiles and coping are in top condition with the help of meticulous repairs. The skilled technicians fix any damage so it looks

seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

Deck Resurfacing:

Deck resurfacing is a great way to give your pool area a new look without sacrificing durability or style. We offer a range of materials and finishes, allowing you to customize the appearance of your pool deck.

Pool Surface Refinishing:

Improve the interior of your pool with high-quality finishes that will last a lifetime. Our pool surface refinishing service not only enhances aesthetics but also improves durability for long-lasting beauty.

Energy-efficient Upgrades:

Save on utility bills with energy-efficient solutions for your pool equipment. We assess your current system and recommend upgrades that not only reduce costs but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly pool.

Water Feature Additions:

Adding water features like fountains or waterfalls to the ambience will enhance your mood. Our skilled craftsmen seamlessly integrate water features into your pool design, creating a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere.

Why Renovate Your Pool?

Increase Property Value:

Pools are a major selling point for prospective buyers, as they are often seen as an extra benefit that adds to the quality of life. A well-maintained pool that is also visually appealing will be more attractive to potential home buyers and can add thousands of dollars in value.

Enhance Aesthetics:

Our pool renovations include a custom pool design that is unique to your home and personal style. We use the highest quality materials, expert workmanship, and the latest technology to ensure your pool is built to last and looks stunning for years to come.

Ensure Safety:

Outdated features, such as pool liners and filtration systems, can lead to potentially harmful chemicals being released into the pool, as well as inadequate water filtration, which can cause an increase in bacteria levels. Upgrading these features ensures that the water is safe to swim in for all swimmers, regardless of their age.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Pool Care Specialists today to schedule a free consultation and Get our Pool Renovation Service Let’s make your pool the focal point it deserves to be! Upgrading these features can help reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses and other health problems associated with swimming in contaminated water. By installing features like filters, sanitizers, and other water treatments, your pool can be clean and safe for everyone.

FAQs About Pool Renovation Service

How much does it cost to redo a pool?

Pool renovation costs vary based on the size and level of upgrades. Consult our swimming pool renovation company for tailored quotes and budget-friendly renovation.

Can you change the shape of an existing pool?

Yes, our pool remodeling service specializes in transforming pool shapes, providing a personalized touch to suit your preferences.

Which company is The Best for Pool Renovation Service in Flower Mound?

The best pool renovation company in Flower Mound should consider factors such as customer reviews, expertise, pricing, and personalized service. Pool renovations delivered by our team have the highest customer reviews, demonstrating our expertise and exceptional work. For top-notch pool services, choose us.

How do you modernize an old pool?

We provide modernization services for old pools. Our pool remodeling introduces contemporary features, from upgraded tiles to energy-efficient equipment. Contact us to transform your ageing pool into a stylish and functional aquatic oasis. We specialize in providing Customized solutions for a refreshed and modern swimming experience.

Is it expensive to make a pool bigger?

The cost of expanding your swimming pool depends on factors like its dimensions and the upgrades you wish to install. Our pool renovation company can provide you with a proposal that suits your needs while staying within your budget.

What is the most popular pool size?

There is a wide range of pool sizes available, depending on factors such as backyard dimensions and preferences. Our swimming pool renovation services guide you toward popular pool sizes, ensuring your pool complements your outdoor space and matches your vision. Feel free to contact us if you need personalized advice.

What is the ideal pool size?

Ideally, a household with

1-2 members should have a pool with a minimum dimension of 14 by 25 feet.

For a family of 3-5 individuals, we recommend a minimum pool size of 16 x 32 feet.

The minimum size of a swimming pool for a family of 6-8 members is 18 x 36 feet.

These dimensions ensure sufficient space for relaxation and recreation, catering to various family sizes and enhancing your overall swimming experience.

How to choose a pool?

When selecting the perfect pool, there are several factors to consider. First, determine the size and budget of your space. Consider whether you intend to use the space for relaxation, recreation, or exercise. Select a pool that fits the outdoor space you have. Energy-efficient equipment and purified water are also available. We provide personalized guidance to ensure you make informed decisions and choose a pool that is seamless to your lifestyle.

Which type of pool is the cheapest?

Factors such as the materials, size, and features of a pool affect its cost-effectiveness. In general, above-ground pools are more affordable than in-ground pools. It is, however, important to consider long-term maintenance and durability. Depending on your budget and needs, we can advise you on the most affordable and suitable pool types.