FINALLY!  One affordable pool automation system that can handle ALL makes and models of pool equipment to provide total automation options.

Pool Care Specialists Is Proud To Be The Premiere and Authorized Dealer Of This Exciting Technology.  

Minimize your energy impact and costs


The Attendant is a vendor agnostic automation system, completely compatible with the Big 3, that has been engineered to mindfully manage the energy usage of your entire pool system. It marries the individual capabilities of each piece of pool equipment together to tune your pool to be as efficient as possible. This benefits the homeowner by driving energy costs down, in addition to lowering the overall environmental impact of the pool system. Think of it as the Google Nest for the pool industry.

Existing automation allows you to schedule a time to turn your heater on…but would the sun have naturally warmed the water to your desired temperature without needing to waste the electricity and gas of the heater? Our patented technology looks at your desired temperature, the weather forecast and energy rates to determine the cheapest way to get your temperature right. Your savings could be in the thousands over the span of a year. Plus isn’t it just nice to know how much it costs to keep your pool at a specific temperature. Making informed decisions for your household budget puts you in control.

Pool Automation Request

Pool Care Services is proud to sell and install the brand new Pool Attendant. Since every pool is unique in shape, size, flow and equipment, we are ready to quickly set up an estimate on your job. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch within one business day or sooner to discuss how the Attendant can save you time and money running your pool.

Any equipment, in any configuration


From pumps, heaters and actuators, to lighting and salt cells, The Attendant can control and efficiently monitor equipment of existing manufacturers in the industry. With The Attendant, we natively integrate with any and all equipment. You can truly intermix any pump, heater, salt cell and light from manufacturers like Pentair, Hayward and Jandy. Never getting yourself locked into a vendor again.

Shouldn’t automation accommodate your plumbing, instead of your plumbing accommodating your chosen automation system? The Attendants patented visual configuration tool allows you to define any and all possible plumbing configurations with ease. The tool automatically determines all the unsafe scenarios for you so you don’t waste time configuring them, and they are not forgotten.