Did you know that swimming is the top recreational activity among children and teens and the fourth most popular among adults?

Whether it’s the fresh air and sunshine, floating, or swimming laps, there are plenty of reasons why people love swimming so much. Although any standard pool can provide lots of fun, why not get the most out of your swimming experience?

Do you want to learn how you can revolutionize the way you swim? Keep reading for 7 awesome pool renovation ideas that will make you want to stay outside all day.

1. LED Lights Are a Simple But Fun Pool Renovation

One of the easiest ways you can transform your pool is to add some LED lighting. Not only will these lights make your pool more inviting at night, but they’re also great for pool parties. You can choose from a bunch of exciting colors or stick with plain white lights.

2. Waterfalls Add Elegance and Serenity

Who doesn’t love the calming sounds of water falling? If you want to make your pool look and feel more relaxing, a waterfall can work wonders for your space. Resting underneath the waterfall will also feel like an amazing spa treatment.

3. Updating Your Vinyl Can Give Your Pool a Fresh Look

If your pool liner is plain or shows obvious signs of age, getting a new liner can add lots of personality. With so many patterns and colors out there, you can get as creative as you want with the design.

4. Fire Pits Are One of the Trendiest Pool Renovations

There are a few different ways to add some heat to your pool. Some pool owners like to install a wall of fire along one side of their pool simply for the visual effects. If you want to get more use out of your fire pit, then building a bigger one on your deck will allow others to gather around and socialize.

5. Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Equipment Will Save You Money

Although upgrading your equipment may not be the most glamorous pool renovation, it is the most practical. Investing in a solar-powered heater or a variable speed pool pump can save you lots of money in the long run. Another bonus is that you can feel good about helping the environment.

6. Automation Systems Can Bring Your Pool to the Future

Gone are the days where pool owners need to labor over the pools for hours to keep them safe and clean. Thanks to evolving technology, modern pool owners can focus on enjoying their pools. Robotic cleaners and automatic pool covers are just a couple of the many inventions that can make your life easier.

7. Deck Resurfacing Is Worth the Investment

Although deck resurfacing may be one of the most expensive swimming pool renovations on this list, the results can be astonishing. Replacing a standard cement deck with stone can turn your backyard into an oasis.

Where Can I Find a Swimming Pool Service Near Me?

With these 7 pool renovation ideas, you can have extra fun in the sun.

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