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Choosing The Best Pool Automation System for Your Pool

Pool automation is essential for maintaining a clean, healthy pool with minimal effort. However, many customers in Denton and surrounding areas have faced significant issues with a local competitor’s pool automation systems, experiencing frequent equipment failures, poor installation, and unresponsive customer service, as reflected in their Google reviews. These problems often result in green, unhealthy pools and frustrated pool owners. On the other hand, Poolside Tech guarantees that your pool stays sparkling all year round by providing reliable, cutting-edge pool automation systems and excellent maintenance services. This article will show you why Poolside Tech is the best choice for your pool automation needs by comparing its outstanding systems and services with local competitors.

Common Issues with Other Pool Automation Systems

Frequent Equipment Failures

Many pool owners report frequent equipment breakdowns with the local competitor’s pool automation systems. These failures disrupt the maintenance routine, causing inconvenience and additional repair costs. For example, customers have experienced issues like chlorine tanks running empty without timely refills, leading to algae growth and additional maintenance challenges.

Frequent Equipment Failures

Poor Equipment Installation

Improper installation is another major issue, often leading to system inefficiencies and operational problems from the start. Faulty setups contribute to continuous pool maintenance challenges. Some customers have reported dissatisfaction with the initial setup, which fails to meet expectations and leads to ongoing problems with pool maintenance.

Poor Pool Equipment Installation

Lack of Customer Support

Customers often complain about the poor customer service provided by the competitor. They experience long wait times for service calls, unanswered inquiries, and inadequate support, leaving pool owners without the help they need. Reviews frequently mention delayed responses to maintenance requests and unresolved issues with pool equipment. People also claim that the company has a phone system that detects their number and either keeps them on wait forever or avoids dealing with their issues altogether.

Poor customer Service of Cua pools

Resulting in Unhealthy Pools

These issues typically result in green, murky, and poorly maintained pools. Equipment failures, poor installation, and lack of support lead to chemical imbalances and neglected maintenance, causing pools to become unhealthy and unattractive. Customers have reported their pools becoming unhealthy due to lack of proper maintenance and timely responses from the service provider.

Unhealthy pool for Bad automation system

The Solution to Poor Pool Automation Systems

It’s important to find an affordable option If you’re experiencing frequent equipment failures, poor installation, lack of customer support, and unhealthy pool conditions with your current pool automation system, it’s essential to seek a reliable solution. The best option is choosing a provider that prioritizes high-quality equipment, professional installation, and exceptional customer service. If you choose a trustworthy company like Poolside Tech and their cutting edge pool automation system, “The Attendant,” your pool will stay in great shape all year, giving you peace of mind and an ideal environment to swim.

Why Poolside Tech is Different

Poolside Tech automation

Poolside Tech offers advanced technology with “The Attendant,” ensuring reliable and efficient performance. Our professional installation guarantees optimal system functionality from day one. We provide comprehensive maintenance services and superior customer support, ensuring your pool is always clean and healthy. With Poolside Tech, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your pool is in expert hands, benefiting from cutting-edge automation and dedicated service.

  • Controls equipment from any manufacturer.
  • Can run multiple major brand pumps (Hayward, Jandy, Pentair) simultaneously without extra charges.
  • Predicts heating times and costs.
  • Equipped with two relays, two Cial bus ports, and two temp sensors.
  • NSF-50 listed for commercial properties.
  • Manages dual chemistry for multiple water bodies with one controller.
  • USB adapter for on-site charging.
  • Integrates with DMX lighting for customizable light shows.
  • Offers stellar support with remote assistance capabilities.
  • Supports additional features like landscape lighting.

Poolside Tech vs Other Pool Automation

Poolside Tech 

Local Competitor

Professional installation practices Poor installation practices
Regular Maintenance Neglected Maintenance
Responsive Support Unresponsive Support
Efficient performance  Breakdowns & Malfunctions
Crystal-clear Water Green , murky Water

Pool Automation FAQ

Pool automation refers to using advanced technology to control and manage pool functions such as cleaning, filtration, heating, lighting, and chemical balancing. This system allows for remote monitoring and control, providing convenience and efficiency for pool maintenance. Contact us for installation.

A pool automation system usually includes features such as:

  • Automated cleaning and filtration
  • Temperature control for heating and cooling
  • Lighting control
  • Chemical monitoring and balancing
  • Remote access via smartphone or tablet
Poolside Tech’s “The Attendant” offers advanced, reliable, and efficient pool maintenance. It ensures consistent performance and optimal water quality.

Poolside Tech Automation System is very easy to install. Our technicians ensure efficient and reliable setups. Proper installation prevents future issues.

Poolside Tech offers responsive and superior customer support. They ensure complete satisfaction through excellent communication and service.

Choosing Poolside Tech means advanced technology, professional installation, and comprehensive maintenance. The attendant ensures sparkling water quality and reliable performance.
Yes, Pool Care Specialists can replace faulty systems to a advance Pool automation  “The Attendant.” ensuring smooth transitions and ongoing maintenance..

Yes, Poolside Tech’s system is universally compatible and can control equipment from any manufacturer. It can run multiple major brand pumps, such as Hayward, Jandy, and Pentair, simultaneously without requiring additional charges, offering a seamless integration with various pool equipment brands.

Yes, Poolside Tech’s system is future-proof and can integrate with additional home automation features like landscape lighting. It supports both low voltage and line voltage applications, allowing homeowners to control various aspects of their outdoor environment through the same app-based control system used for their pool.