Having a pool is all about fun! The glistening water, Marco Polo, diving in the deep end, lounging on a raft…you’re not thinking about how to clean a swimming pool.

Do you own one of the 10.4 million pools in the US? Do you know how to keep your pool clean or do you leave that to the pros?

Even if you hire someone to clean your pool, you still need to know how to maintain your pool yourself in between service. Keep reading for tips to help keep your pool crystal clear.

How to Maintain Your Pool Yourself

With daily and weekly maintenance, your pool will be looking great even between scheduled service. Follow these tips and your pool will be the envy the block.

Skim the Surface

Use a skimmer to remove leaves, pollen, bugs, and other debris from the surface of the water. Skim the pool every day to keep the unwanted debris from settling on the pool floor.

Brush the Sides and Pool Floor

Use a soft pool brush to prevent algae or other build-up like calcium deposits on the walls or bottom of the pool.

Clean the tiles and the grout between them with a soft bristle scrub brush.

Check pH Level

The pH level refers to the alkalinity of your pool and the calcium level. It is important to keep it in check because it has bearing on the effectiveness of your chlorine and the way the pool runs overall.

Pool experts recommend a pH level between 7.2 and 7.8. If your pH is high, chlorine becomes less active. You’ll end up using more chlorine to keep your water clean.

Add Chlorine

Of course, your pool needs chlorine (unless you have a saltwater pool, chlorine generator). If your pool is lacking chlorine, algae and bacteria may start showing up in the water.

Ideal chlorine levels are at 1 and 4 ppm. Set a reminder for yourself to add chlorine on a regular schedule to keep your pool chemicals at an ideal level.

Clean Filter

Imagine the stuff that goes into your pool filter every day. Keeping the filter clean makes it easier to keep your pool clean.

If your pool service doesn’t do this for you, you should clean the filter at least once a month. The best method is to let it soak in a cleaning solution and rinse well with the hose.

Maintain Water Level

Is your water level too high or too low? It’s important that it is just right–at the center of the pool skimmer. This is the level where the pool pump and filter operate at their best.

If your water level is too low, you run the risk of burning up the pump. If it’s too high, dirt and debris will stay on top of the water and not go into the skimmer.

A Splashing Good Time

Now that you know how to maintain your pool yourself, you’ll have it looking sparkling clean for everyone to enjoy! Visit us for advice on keeping your pool working and looking its best.