Pool Care Specialists offers swimming pool inspections throughout Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex to sellers, buyers and realtors of homes with a swimming pool. Pool inspections are a very important part of buying and selling a house with a pool or spa. We offer our pool inspection customers either a verbal or a written pool inspection report. First time pool owners can also request a swimming pool inspection to gain an understanding of their newly acquired pool or spa. Pool Care Specialists also offers pool owners the additional option of a pool orientation if they wish to service the pool or spa themselves.

Professional Pool Inspections for Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex Homeowners

Pool Care Specialists helps first time pool owners by explaining the pool or spa service and maintenance routines such as regular cleaning and filter cleans. We also inform the new homeowner of any impending pool repairs and equipment that may need to be replaced in the future. Many Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex real estate agents encourage their clients to have us perform a swimming pool inspection. This is beneficial for both the potential buyers and the sellers. After the inspection is completed each party will be aware of any necessary repairs that are needed and the cost to make the repairs.

We have also experienced occasions when insurance companies ask for a pool inspection to be included with the home inspection. Whatever the reason for the pool inspection our knowledgeable staff will provide our customers with an in-depth review of the properties pool or spa and answer any questions they may have.

The grey pool plaster has dis-colored due to calcium build up forming.

Step One: Swimming Pool and Spa Surface Inspection

When Pool Care Specialists arrives at the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex home we first inspect the swimming pool or spa surfaces. We determine some general information such as the age and overall condition of the swimming pool surface. Our pool inspection then entails a more thorough examination of the surface. We look for any structural damage or signs of weakness with the coping, decking, and surfaces inside the swimming pool/spa. Cracks along the pool surface, chipped, broken, hollow or missing pool tiles and coping will also be included in the pool inspection report. An estimate for any pool restoration procedures that may be needed can be provided at the request of the customer.

We test all pool equipment for proper operation.

Step Two: Pool Equipment Inspection

During the next step of our pool inspection, we will inspect the swimming pool or spa equipment. This includes visually inspecting the electrical equipment and heating unit for signs of aging or disrepair that could represent a potential hazard. We then look at the plumbing, filter, timers or automated systems, and heater while the equipment is operating to check for safety and functionality. Equipment that does not work properly, fails to turn on, is making loud noises or shows signs of leaking will be noted in the pool inspection report. Whether the pool inspection is verbal or written, both major issues and minor concerns will be included in the inspection report.

Schedule A Swimming Pool Inspection Today!

Requesting a swimming pool inspection with Pool Care Specialists is a click or phone call away. We can quickly and effortlessly schedule an appointment or explain our process. When or professional pool inspector completes the verbal or written swimming pool inspection, our qualified representative will explain any problems that should be addressed right away. The comprehensive written report will also include any areas of minor concern for Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex real estate agents, property managers, and homeowners. We can also include a basic estimate any pool repairs that are needed, a quote for weekly service and the cost of equipment installations.

To schedule a Pool Care Specialists pool inspection in Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex or to learn about any of our swimming pool services simply contact us today!