If you want to buy a house with a pool, you’ll need to get a swimming pool inspection. Here’s why.

You’re walking up to your future home and a pool catches your eye. That’s great! Right? Who doesn’t want to spend their days lounging in their own pool? But wait right there.

Believe it or not, pools can cause far more headache than they do fun. If you’re thinking about buying a home with a pool, you need to get that pool inspected. Between repairs, regulations, and more, an inspection could save your bank account.

When it comes to a swimming pool inspection, it’s better safe than sorry.

Ensure You’re Up to Code

Swimming pools come with a surprising amount of regulations. If you’ve never owned a pool before, get ready to start reading up on the local code.

First, most municipalities require your pool to have a fence. Those same regulations usually specify things like fence height, construction materials, gate regulations, and more.

Without a professional inspection, it’s very easy to overlook common regulations. People frequently get tripped up on regulations like locks on all windows with access to the pool.

Running afoul of the local regulations is an excellent way to earn expensive fines.

Old Pools Need Repairs, and Repairs Cost Money

Pools don’t age well. Normal use and the elements combine to turn old pools into money pits. Poop pumps need either repairing, regular maintenance, or replacing if they’re too old. Vinyl pool liners also wear out. After a variable number of years, you’ll need to replace the entire liner.

A swimming pool inspection will ensure that you’re not buying a pool that’s in need of too many repairs.

You’re Not an Electrician

When it comes to pool repairs, it’s not all liners and replacing pool pump filters. Yes, we touched on those things and they are important to repair, but there’s far more to a pool system than most people realize.

Pool lights, heaters, and filter pumps all involve some amount of electricity. Those electrical systems are complex and not something most homeowners can service themselves.

A pool inspector will make sure your pool’s electrical systems are in working order. Pool electrical repairs are expensive, and something only the professionals can handle.

Check Your Deck

Most pools are surrounded by a deck or patio and that deck or patio takes as much maintenance as the pool. Floorboards need replacing, spindles need staining, and if you live in a snowy climate you better prepare to shovel.

Though while staining is inevitable, you don’t need to deal with a deck that’s structurally compromised. Inspectors will ensure you’re not buying a structural problem.

Your Next Swimming Pool Inspection

Each swimming pool inspection is different. Some inspectors value one thing while others value others. The problem being, how do you choose the best inspector?

We always recommend you call a professional. Our team can help ensure that you’re filling your swimming pool with saved money, rather than paying for repairs.