Winter Storm Warning for Dallas-Ft. Worth* – Below freezing temperatures through Tuesday morning

This is a courtesy message from Pool Care Specialists about things to be aware of during a freeze that could impact your pool system.

Costly freeze damage can occur to your pool, spa and/or equipment when the temperature is at 32 degrees or lower, so here are 5 helpful tips to follow:

1. Run filtration pump and all auxiliary pumps continuously (pool cleaner pump does not need to run.) If functioning properly, your freeze guard should run the pump automatically until temperatures rise above freezing.

2. Maintain proper pool water levels at all times (at the middle of the tile line.) If the water level drops too low, the pump will draw in air through the skimmers which increases the risk of equipment freeze damage.

3. NEVER backwash during extremely cold conditions. Filter pressure gauges can freeze, resulting in inaccurate readings.

4. DO NOT use heater during extreme cold unless it has been constantly running prior to the drop in temperature.

5. Adjust pool and spa jets upwards to reduce surface freezing.

6. Stay warm and safe!

*Issued by National Weather Service today, February 22, 2015; Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 6 pm this evening to 6 pm CST Monday.Freezing Temperatures through Tuesday AM