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Affordable Weekly Pool Cleaning Service in Flower Mound

Enjoy your pool year-round with no worries!

Weekly Pool Service | Flower Mound, TX

Welcome to Pool Care Specialists: Excellence in Pool Care Since 2009

In Flower Mound, Pool Care Specialists have set the standard in pool maintenance since 2009. We’re not just another pool cleaning company; we’re your partners in ensuring your pool remains a pristine oasis. With our deep-rooted commitment to quality and a unique approach, we promise unmatched service.

Our Proactive Approach: Anticipating Your Pool’s Needs

We believe in being proactive, not reactive. Our tailored services anticipate your pool’s needs, addressing potential issues before they become problems. This approach not only maintains the beauty of your pool but also extends its longevity and ensures safety.

STEP 1: Meet & Inspect (FREE!)

STEP 1: Meet & Inspect (FREE!)

Our pool cleaning service includes a swimming pool evaluation to produce an accurate and complete estimate.

Step 2: Assess & Report (FREE!)

Step 2: Assess & Report (FREE!)

We provide you an outline of what we found with your pool and pool equipment.

STEP 1: Meet & Inspect (FREE!)

STEP 1: Meet & Inspect (FREE!)

Our pool cleaning service includes a swimming pool evaluation to produce an accurate and complete estimate.

Step 4: Perfect & Maintain

Step 4: Perfect & Maintain

Our ongoing pool cleaning and water treatment keep your pool in tip-top shape!

Step 5: Relax & Enjoy

Step 5: Relax & Enjoy

Enjoy your pristine pool with no concerns! Your water is sparkling clean, properly balanced and ready for swimming any time.

We strive for your complete satisfaction. We stand 100% behind our service and repairs.

Your Pool’s Value

Swimming pools in Dallas – Fort Worth represent a major financial investment for homeowners. They should always be kept clean and well maintained. If routine maintenance is neglected or not performed correctly, significant damage could result.

Each pool is unique, and our service is unique.

Enjoy your pristine pool year-round with no concerns! Pool Care Specialists provide the expert care and attention your pool deserves.

We don’t show up and dash.

We customize and attend to your pool using our proven 5-step Process. The result is a pristine pool year-round. Let’s get you started! Call (972) 829-8485 or fill out the form above to schedule

More about us.

A Variety of Pool Weekly Pool Cleaning Services to Keep your Pool Clean & Functional

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Each pool has its own unique characteristics and challenges. Each pool is impacted by a wide variety of factors including: pool size, depth, surrounding trees and foliage, age and functionality of equipment, surface texture, water levels, number and frequency of swimmers, pets, environment and other factors.

Therefore, it is impossible to come up with a “one price fits all” approach to pool cleaning service pricing. Any pool service contractor that quotes a specific price without visiting and evaluating your pool is just setting you and them up for problems in the future.

However, most customers want to have some idea about pricing before they seriously consider a pool service contractor. We can say in advance that most weekly pool cleaning service options start around $210 per month.

Call (972) 829-8485 or fill out the form to get started with your custom quote for weekly pool service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service in Flower Mound

Weekly pool cleaning service cost and value

Regular pool maintenance pays off in the long run. Weekly pool service costs vary, but the benefits of a well-maintained pool are priceless. As a result of our services, you can expect your pool to last longer and be safer.

The pool technicians at Pool Care Specialists are committed to providing a consistently pleasant swimming pool experience for our Flower Mound and it’s surrounding area customers.

Beautiful pool with clearer Step 1 – Start Your Pool Cleaning Service with a Pool Evaluation

Each swimming pool service stop poses unique needs and challenges. Our pool cleaning service includes a swimming pool evaluation to produce an accurate and complete estimate. The comprehensive evaluation provides more than a simple estimate for weekly pool cleaning.

pool inspection Step 2 – Assess and Report

We provide you an outline of what we found with your pool and pool equipment. Our report will include the assessment of your pool size, depth, surface, trees/vegetation, and equipment condition. Our weekly service pricing is based on this assessment. Our Assessment’s Value to you: This step offers homeowners insight into the overall condition of their swimming pool as well. This allows Dallas – Fort Worth customers to fully understand the pool cleaning service needs for their specific swimming pool. In some cases, homeowners and property managers prefer to become educated so they can perform their own pool cleaning service.

Benefits of Weekly Pool Cleaning Beyond Regular Maintenance

Health and Safety:

Regular cleaning helps to reduce the risk of illness and injury associated with swimming pools. It also helps to reduce the chances of algae growth, which can cause the water to become cloudy and slippery.

Water Clarity:

A pool with crystal-clear water offers an inviting atmosphere for relaxation. Cleanliness helps prevent dirt and debris from building up and clogging filters, leading to cloudy water. Pool cleaning helps prevent cloudy water caused by algae, which can grow in pools.

Cost Savings:

Our weekly pool service ensures a sparkling clean pool while also saving you money on chemicals. With chemical application included, you will not have to spend extra. Additionally, it’s a time-saving investment. Let our professionals handle the cleaning, allowing you more leisure time and peace of mind that your pool is expertly maintained every week.

Preventing Algae Growth:

Maintaining a pool’s phosphate levels prevents algae growth. Regular maintenance and monitoring of your pool can save you time and money in the long run.

weekly pool inspection service Step 3 – Schedule and Normalize

Let’s get started! Once we have your approval of the proposed work including weekly service, we schedule your service and begin working toward normalizing your pool.

We call our first scheduled visit “Normalization”. This is where we get your pool chemicals and equipment to what we want as normal correct balance and working order for the equipment. We then document this for our records.

 pool renovation serviceStep 4 – Perfect and Maintain

Our ongoing pool cleaning and water treatment keep your pool in tip-top shape! We don’t show up and dash. We take the time to service your pool by our high standards.



Our Analysis Includes

Chlorine Levels:

To keep your pool sanitized and bacteria-free, chlorine is essential. We carefully monitor and adjust chlorine levels during our weekly analyses.

Ph Levels:

Maintaining the proper pH balance is essential for swimmer comfort. A high pH level, for example, can irritate the skin, while a low pH level can cloud water.

Calcium Hardness:

Water with an appropriate calcium hardness will not corrode or scale. We monitor and adjust calcium hardness levels regularly. For example, if the calcium hardness is too low, the pool water can become acidic, leading to corrosion of pool surfaces and equipment.


Alkalinity prevents rapid changes in pH by acting as a buffer. The alkalinity levels in our pool are maintained within the recommended range.

Cyanuric Acid:

Essential for outdoor pools, cyanuric acid stabilizes chlorine and protects it from UV rays. Our team checks and adjusts cyanuric acid levels as needed.


Algae can grow due to phosphorus. We analyze phosphate levels and implement measures to control them.

Salt Content (for Saltwater Pools):

Maintaining the right salt content is extremely important for saltwater pools. We monitor and adjust salt levels during our weekly service.

 Weekly pool cleaning Checklist

To maintain a beautiful swimming pool, a dedicated strategy is required. Our weekly pool maintenance checklist covers essential tasks to keep your pool in optimal condition.

  • Check the Skimmer Basket: Remove debris for efficient water circulation.
  • Skim the Surface: Make sure leaves, bugs, and other debris are removed.
  • Scrub the Walls: Pool walls can accumulate algae and dirt; scrubbing them Weekly keeps them clean.
  • Vacuum Your Pool: Clear the pool floor of dirt and debris.
  • Shock Your Pool: Weekly shocking helps eliminate contaminants, keeping the water clear.
  • Add an Algaecide: Prevent algae growth with a weekly algaecide dose.
  • Check the Filter: Ensure the filter is clean and functioning correctly for efficient water filtration.
  • Double-Check Supplies: Ensure you have all the necessary chemicals and equipment
  • Check the Water Level: Maintain an optimal water level for effective filtration—usually between 1 and 2 inches above the skimmer opening. While our checklist includes water level checks, please note we don’t add water to the pool due to various factors.
  • Test Your Water: Regular water testing guarantees balanced chemistry for a safe swimming environment.

pool service Dallas Step 5 – Relax and Enjoy!

Our Affordable Weekly Pool Cleaning Service goes beyond routine maintenance, providing a complete pool care solution. With a commitment to affordability, professionalism, and quality, we transform your pool into a sparkling oasis. Experience worry-free swimming with our reliable weekly pool cleaning services in Flower Mound.

For inquiries or to schedule your weekly pool service, Contact us at 972 829-8485 or request our services online today. Discover a world of crystal clear, pristine waters with our expert pool maintenance! Contact us!


What does weekly pool service include?2024-01-20T01:09:52-06:00

What does weekly pool service include?

Our comprehensive weekly pool service includes a meticulous maintenance routine, incorporating essential tasks such as thorough cleaning, water testing, precise chemical balancing, and rigorous equipment checks. This holistic approach ensures that your pool stays clean, safe, and inviting.

Do you need to shock your pool weekly?2024-01-20T01:17:39-06:00

Do you need to shock your pool weekly?

Indeed, weekly pool shocking is highly recommended. This process is designed to eliminate contaminants, maintain optimal water clarity, and safeguard your pool against harmful microorganisms. It’s a crucial step in ensuring the health and longevity of your pool.

Do pools need to be cleaned weekly?2024-01-20T01:18:16-06:00

Do pools need to be cleaned weekly?

Yes, regular weekly cleaning is indispensable for preserving the pristine condition of your pool. It helps prevent the growth of algae, maintains water quality at optimal levels, and extends the life of your pool equipment. Consistent care is vital to a sparkling and well-functioning pool.

How often should you clean your pool?2024-01-20T01:18:55-06:00

How often should you clean your pool?

Cleaning your pool on a weekly basis is the optimal frequency for most pools. This routine ensures a consistent level of maintenance, keeping your pool water crystal clear and free from impurities.

Can I use my pool immediately after the weekly cleaning service?2024-01-20T01:20:21-06:00

Can I use my pool immediately after the weekly cleaning service?

In most cases, you can enjoy your pool immediately after our comprehensive weekly cleaning service is complete. Dive into clean and clear water, knowing that your pool has undergone professional care for your safety and enjoyment.

How much does the weekly pool service cost?2024-01-20T01:22:21-06:00

How much does the weekly pool service cost?

The cost of weekly pool service varies based on factors such as the size of your pool and the specific services needed. For a personalized quote tailored to your pool’s requirements, feel free to contact us. Invest in the ongoing health and vibrancy of your pool with our professional weekly service.


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