Does your swimming pool look more like a swamp than a personal paradise? We’re here to help. Green pool water is a common occurrence for pool owners but can be easily remedied.

Read on to learn how you can get your pool back up to speed and ready for your next pool party.

What Does Green Pool Water Mean?

Having a green pool can be embarrassing. Even worse, it can run the risk of staining or discoloring your pool. If you have a green pool, chances are it’s due to poor maintenance.

This green shade can likely be attributed to algae growing in your pool. Algae can occur when there isn’t enough chlorine or bromine present in your pool.

Algae can accumulate in your pool through no fault of your own. Algae can end up blown into your pool through natural elements like wind or rain.

Algae thrive off of dirt that may be present in your pool. Skin cells, dog dander, and sunscreen are just a few of the nutrient-dense elements that algae can’t seem to get enough of.

These unwelcome particles can provide the food source necessary for algae to thrive and multiply.

How to clean a green pool Easy steps

Getting rid of pool algae isn’t a small task, but it is doable! You’ll need to start by vacuuming the algae out of the pool. You’ll want to set the filter to its waste setting to begin removing the algae from the water.

Once the algae have been cleared, you’ll want to test the pH levels of your pool. Be sure to write your results down; you’ll need to refer to them later.

Then, add a pool “shock” product to your pool. Depending on how severe your algae problem is, you may need to “shock” your pool more than once to restore the balance.

The shock product should be one that contains a formula that is at least 70 percent chlorine. This level of chlorine content is necessary to achieve the desired results.

If your pool requires scrubbing, or if it has moved beyond a green color, you made need professional help to get your pool back in working order. In this event, you may need to drain your pool to remedy the issue.

Once your pool is back in top shape, you’ll want to consider a weekly maintenance plan to help you keep your pool from backsliding into sludge.

Who Do I Call for Help?

Are you worried that your pool is beyond repair? Does the idea of chemically balancing your green pool water sound a bit overwhelming?

Getting the help of a professional pool cleaning service is always a good decision. After all, what good is a pool if the water is too contaminated to swim in?

If you’re ready to start enjoying your personal pool again, contact us today by visiting our website. We offer lots of helpful tips to help you get your pool back in shape and a 100% pool service satisfaction guarantee.

We’re here to help you turn your backyard swamp into your own private island.