50 Point Pool Inspection


Whether you are buying a new home with a pool or, you currently own a pool that needs an annual inspection, why not choose the most experienced and comprehensive pool inspection company around?  Pool Care Specialists are the experts to call when you need to assess the condition of pool equipment, construction, plumbing and more.  We’ve made it simple to buy and schedule our service right from this page, so feel free to purchase now or call, chat or email with our contact button on the right.


Not all pool inspections are created equal.  Protect your pool, save money and avoid costly repairs when you choose Pool Care Specialists to perform our 50 point pool inspection.  We guarantee your satisfaction by ensuring that every inspection is performed by a CPI / CPO certified pool inspector.   Plus, no one in the DFW are provides a more comprehensive report, analysis and photos of your pool and the condition.


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