Did you know that having a commercial pool is a key selling point when looking at which hotel to choose when you travel?

With the costs of pool installation and repair high, to minimize those costs you must focus on regular pool maintenance. Read on to learn why pool maintenance is important and how to use regular maintenance to reduce your overall pool costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Why Commercial Pool Maintenance is Important

If you run a hotel, apartment building, or a recreational facility. You know the importance of having a fully operational pool.

Read on to learn about key pieces of commercial pool maintenance. Keep in mind that for commercial pools there are not only aesthetic maintenance issues but also legal ones. Be sure you fully understand the codes in your area for commercial pools.

If you are unsure of your pool needs, contact us we will come out and do a complete inspection for you, developing a maintenance plan that meets your unique needs.

Ensure Your Pool Water is Healthy and Clean

One of the biggest components of pool maintenance comes down to water quality. If the pools are outside, you need to remove debris regularly.

You also need to make sure that fencing exists for safety, but also to prevent animals from entering the water. No one wants to find an alligator swimming in their pool.

Pool water must be tested daily. You are specifically checking to ensure that there are proper chlorine and pH levels.

This not only prevents the development of dangerous bacteria but also improves customer satisfaction. When pool chemicals are out of balance guest may experience skin irritation.

Another component of water maintenance is regular sweeping and vacuuming. The sides of the pool should be brushed daily. This is often where algae and bacteria begin to adhere and regular brushing helps to push microscopic debris in the filter.

Vacuuming the pool removes debris that has settled to the bottom of the pool, again maintaining water quality over the long run.

Finally, the skimmer basket must be cleaned regularly. Depending on the number of individuals that use the pool on a regular basis, you may want to check the skimmer multiple times per day.

Equipment Maintenance and Filter Changes

While the water may be the most visible component of your pool, regular maintenance must be performed on the mechanical workings of the pool as well.

Consider regularly inspect of pool filter and heater components to address any issues before they become expensive problems. Pool filters especially need regular cleaning and replacement.

Pools add to customer experiences and regular maintenance will prevent high costs of repairs and replacements.

Are You Ready to Take Your Pool Maintenance to the Next Level?

There are multiple components to pool maintenance. You may need weekly maintenance and cleaning, one-time cleaning, or even filter cleanings or changes. You may only need equipment installation. Regardless of our needs, contact us and our qualified team will support your commercial pool needs.